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This Amazing Doctor Who Animation Brings Back all the Feels.

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OK, ok. If you’re a fan of Doctor Who and his wild adventures through time and space in a big blue box then this is a video you should see.  Even if you’re not a fan you should watch this and then go start watching Doctor Who. Seriously they’re all on Netflix. Go now. I’ll wait…

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The Pandorica is Open… The Doctor Who themed Restaurant that is.



The Pandorica is not just a fairy tale anymore, it is a Doctor Who themed restaurant in Beacon, New York.  With a menu that boasts the 11th Doctor’s favorite, “Fish Fingers and Custard” to “Madame Pompodour’s sponge cake”. This place certainly has my attention. Throw in some Jammy Dodgers and jelly babies and I’m a happy companion! I must go here. Where is the TARDIS when you really need it?  I guess I’ll just wait until my next trip to NY. What do you all think? Anyone in NY plan on checking this place out? Send me some pics if you do! And as always DorkUp!!

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SDCC 2013 Flashback

Tomorrow I head to San Diego for my 2nd year attending Comic Con. Last year was amazing. from all the excitement on the floor, to the parties and cosplay and best of all getting an autograph from the 11th Doctor himself Matt Smith. I couldn’t have asked for a better time. Check out this flashback gallery from last year.  I’ll try to post here as much as I can from the Convention.  For more frequent updates follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Until then DORKUP!!


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Doctor Who meets The Hunger Games in The Doctor Games



The Master and the Daleks scheme to force all the incarnations of the Doctors to fight to the death in the Hunger Games style battle royale. This funny and pretty R- Rated fan film is making it’s way across Time and Space and arriving just before the release of the new Hunger Games movie and the 50th anniversary Special ‘The Day of the Doctor. Check out Brad Hanson‘s ‘The Doctor Games’ Below. May Time be ever in your Favor… DorkUp!


Leaked Doctor Who ‘The Day of the Doctor’ Peru Promo Trailer

If you’re up for a new Doctor Who trailer and can’t wait for it’s release tomorrow Check out the Promo Trailer from Peru. I’m not sure which trailer this is or if tomorrow’s will be different but it’s still pretty cool. Hurry before the Judoon come and get me and I have to take it down.

UPDATE: So from what I’ve read this trailer is the one that was shown at Comic Con this year and is to be released this Sunday 11/10.

Hit the jump to check it out…

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New Photos of ‘The Day of the Doctor’ and Confirmed Trailer Release date!

Just days after an official synopsis was released, BBC has given us a few more Photos along with the news that The official ‘Day of the Doctor’ Trailer will be released Saturday November 9. Unless you were fortunate enough to attend the Hall H panel at Comic Con then this will be our first real look at ‘The Day of the Doctor’. I personally can’t wait. With Both Tennant and Smith together on screen one can only imagine how epic their scenes will be. I will be posting the trailer here as soon as it becomes available.


More photos after the jump through time and space…


Little Girl Dresses up as all 11 Doctors and it’s Awesome!

Some parents just know how to do Halloween right. Check out 2 year old Katie Kent’s spot on costumes below and after the jump.



                                                              1. William Hartnell

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