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Artists’ Alley – 5/5/16 – Spotlight on Glimpen


Welcome to our weekly

Artists’ Alley!

Each week we highlight some independent artists from DeviantArt.com.  This week, we’re putting the spotlight on artist Glimpen.

Glimpen (aka Erika Zinser) is an animation-inspired artist from Mexico who creates fantastical places and scenes. Getting her BA of Fine Arts from Whitman College, Erika has a love of video games, 90’s cartoons, and most of all: Disney! Her Disney Moments Series has gone viral, and when you see the images below, you’ll see why.  

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Disney’s Walking Dead

In anticipation of this weekend’s The Walking Dead finale, here is a little mash-up for you.  If Disney characters were faced with the apocalyptic, zombie filled world of the Walking Dead who would survive? Well Check out Artist Kasami-Sensei’s Disney Apocalypse series below. I don’t know about you  but I’d be up for watching some of these characters kick some zombie ass on screen. Can you imagine a Disney Zombie Musical? With songs like “Bash in the Head”, “I’m over this World” and the family favorite “Do you wanna kill a zombie?”. Disney can sign me up and take my money. Check out the gallery below and visit Kasami-Sensei’s deviant art page for more of his work.  DORKUP!




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