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Artists’ Alley – 4/21/16 – Spotlight on Vinz el Tabanas


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A Suicide/Monster Squad Mashup? YES Please!


I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited for the new Suicide Squad movie and have been a huge fan of Monster Squad since I was a kid. So when this video by youtuber thatmattcaronguy popped up of The Monster Squad recut in the vain of The Suicide Squad trailer and rocking to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody my inner twelve year old jumped with joy.  I recently went to see the Monster Squad in theaters this past October and although some parts don’t hold up I still really enjoy the movie and Duncan Reghar’s Dracula is a personal favorite of mine. Check out the video below as well as a side by side comparison of both the Suicide Squad and new Monster Squad mashup.

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Movie Posters from an Alternative Universe


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First official look at ‘Suicide Squad’

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Earlier this weekend during San Diego Comic Con a crappy bootleg trailer of “Suicide Squad” was leaked online. Now we have our first look at the “Suicide Squad” trailer in all it’s HD glory.

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