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Artists’ Alley – 4/28/16 – Spotlight on Vinz el Tabanas


Welcome to our weekly

Artists’ Alley!

Each week we highlight some independent artists from DeviantArt.com.  This week, we’re putting the spotlight on artist Livio Ramondelli.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Livio Ramondelli received a Masters Degree from The Academy of Art University, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania State University.  He is currently drawing various projects for IDW  Publishing. His credits include Transformers: Autocracy, Monstrosity and Primacy (with Blizzard creative director Chris Metzen and Flint Dille), Robots in Disguise, as well as covers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, 30 Days of Night and others.  He has also provided Star Wars covers for  Dark Horse Comics, Battlestar Galactica covers for Dynamite Entertainment, and Pacific Rim for Legendary.

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Bauer Hockey’s Star Wars Themed Goalie Masks



Release the Power of the Force against your most powerful competitors. Choose from either the Dark or Light side as you do battle on the fields of Ice. Bauer Hockey’s new series of Star Wars themed goalie masks are perfect for those cold games on the planet Hoth. If your a fan of both Star Wars and Hockey then these are worth checking out. If I had a any talent on the Ice and  force like reflexes I’d definitely get one of these. Oh the hell with it, I’m still going to get one. Check out the rest after the Jump.

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Comic and Film Characters get a Native American Twist

Native American Artist Jeffrey Veregge’s  uses a Coast Salish design to add a twist to some of our favorite comic book and movie characters. The results are stunning. I’d love to see more characters in this style.  Maybe even a Doctor Who series?? What do you all think? Hit the jump for more photos and visit Jeffrey’s website for more artwork.

Basic RGB


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