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The Pandorica is Open… The Doctor Who themed Restaurant that is.



The Pandorica is not just a fairy tale anymore, it is a Doctor Who themed restaurant in Beacon, New York.  With a menu that boasts the 11th Doctor’s favorite, “Fish Fingers and Custard” to “Madame Pompodour’s sponge cake”. This place certainly has my attention. Throw in some Jammy Dodgers and jelly babies and I’m a happy companion! I must go here. Where is the TARDIS when you really need it?  I guess I’ll just wait until my next trip to NY. What do you all think? Anyone in NY plan on checking this place out? Send me some pics if you do! And as always DorkUp!!

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O Captain my Captain




The world has lost a true artist and creative genius today.  Robin Williams’ films were always a huge part of my life.   His films and incredible range of talent were a huge inspiration for me as young filmmaker and actor. How he could have you laughing hysterically one moment and the next bring you to tears without missing a beat always amazed me.  I know his talent and versatility has inspired many more out there and that he will always be remembered as one of the greatest of our time. I will never forget and will continue to view his work as an inspiration. Thank you Robin Williams for all the laughter, joy and tears you have brought into my living room over the years. Rest Well “O Captain my Captain”.

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