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Interview With Monkey Minion Press


Dane Ault and his wife Ashlie Hammond are a 2-person geeky art & product design company based out of a small condo in Portland, OR. Their company, Monkey Minion Press, appears to be just like any other fledgling design and illustration company trying to make it’s mark. However, a quick scratch under the surface and you begin to see that what’s underneath is a great deal more!  MMP is also a retail-oriented venture through which they sell many products such as t-shirts, art prints, original art, buttons, and their signature item – Zombie Greeting Cards!
Dane recently sat down to tackle our DorkUp questions about Monkey Minion Press.  Check out his interview below, along with examples of their incredible work:

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Interview With Tony Bui



Tony Bui has dubbed himself as a fusion of Kanye West and Justin Timberlake for small business stationery. You will enjoy his art. You will laugh at his jokes. Or you will not, but that is all good.

The always hilarious Tony Bui recently dove into our DorkUp questions, and the results are below.  Check out the interview, along with some of his amazing (and funny!) works of art. (Click on each picture for a closer view)
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Interview With Kate Carleton


Kate Carleton is a freelance Illustrator who calls Tampa, FL her home when she’s not traveling the convention circuit.  Over the years, she has had the pleasure of working on properties such as Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Firefly, My Little Pony, Grimm Fairy Tales, Ghostbusters, and so much more. She also has done some comic work, from making her own self published books, to color and flatting jobs for companies as well.

Recently, Kate was kind enough to sit down and tackle our DorkUp questions.  Check out the interview below, along with her incredibly creative work:

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NERD OUT App – Interview with Creator Michelle Jensen

Michelle Jensen has a dream to unite all the nerds around the globe.  And she’s making her dream into a reality with a mobile app she created called NERD OUT.  Living in Los Angeles, Michelle works in the Film & Television industry, and enjoys geeking out on Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Sherlock, & just about everything Nerdy.  Now, she’s created a mobile calendar app for information on geek events all over the world.

Check out Michelle’s interview below where we learn more about her and her fantastic new app perfect for DorkUp readers, NERD OUT:

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Interview With Prince Armory (Samuel Lee)


Prince Armory was founded in 2007 in a small home studio by Samuel Lee.  His company has now grown into the premier source for unique custom leather armor, elaborate costumes, props, accessories and general leather products, and much more. He creates original works and replicas for anime, sci-fi, and fantasy conventions, renaissance festivals, LARP combatants, and for theater and film.  His works have also been featured in major commercial and theatrical productions with clients such as Samsung and ‘Cinderella’ on its Broadway Tour.  Prince Armory’s creations have gone viral with great acclaim, and their sensational fantasy superhero spinoff designs are always a hit! (Especially at Ren Fair and Comic Conventions)

We ran into the Prince Armory booth recently at WonderCon 2016, and just HAD to snag an interview with it’s creator.  Samuel Lee was very generous with his time and sat down to answers our DorkUp questions. (Click on each picture for a closer view) Continue reading “Interview With Prince Armory (Samuel Lee)”

Interview With Freya Jobbins

South West Sydney, Contemporary artist Freya Jobbins’ art practice includes: assemblage, collage, installation and printmaking. Best known for her provocative, disturbing and humorous assemblages created from dolls and plastic children’s toys, she also creates larger site specific installations and sculptures. Freya’s had three solo shows, been a selected finalist in prominent art competitions and has been in over 50 group shows. Her works are in private and corporate collections and exhibits nationally and internationally: the Toy Art & Design Exhibition, Old Jaffa Museum of Antiquities Tel-Aviv in Israel, and currently she has a work on display at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

Now Freya has been kind enough to tackle our DorkUp Questions.  Check out the interview below along with photos of her amazing creations.  (Click on each picture for a closer view)

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Interview With Jodi Harvey-Brown

Jodi Harvey-Brown is a lover of books.  She loves them so much, in fact, that she’s been bringing the stories to life by creating characters that literally rise up from the pages of her favorite books. Jodi constructs amazing, beautiful paper sculptures using book pages, often posing the sculptures atop an open book.

Recently Jodi took time out of her extremely busy schedule to sit down for our DorkUp questions.  Check out the interview below, and feast your eyes on the incredible, stunning work she has created:
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Interview With Andrea De La Ossa


Andrea De La Ossa is a cosmetologist, beauty vlogger, and Instagram sensation. She uses her creative skills to turn herself into some beautifully creepy characters.  Andrea is also happy to pass along her make-up knowledge to other enthusiasts via her Youtube page.

Now Andrea has taken the time out of her insanely busy schedule to answer some of our DorkUp Questions. Check out the interview below along with photos of her ingenious creations!

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Interview With The Geeky Hooker

Health care professional by day, crochet ninja by night! If it’s fun and interesting to her, she’ll try to make it out of yarn!
She’s become a Twitter sensation, especially at the San Diego Comic-Con when she does her ‘Critter Drops’ all around the convention center.  We’ve been following her for years, trying to chase down one of her adorable creations.
Now she’s been kind enough to tackle our DorkUp Questions.  Check out the interview below along with photos of her insanely cute critters!

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