DorkUp: Is a state of excitement for a favorite interest or hobby.

DorkUp is place where we embrace the odd, ridiculous and social misfit in us all.  We strive to bring fun and interesting photo galleries, topics and interviews on a daily bases.

Here are some of our regularly scheduled posts:

The Daily DorkUp – A daily gallery of images, gifs, cosplay, fan art, and pretty much anything we find cool and DorkUp worthy on the interwebs.

Interviews – Mondays– Interviews with various artists who create everything from illustrations/designs, metalwork, paper/book art, art using action figures, crochet critters of your favorite dorky characters, and so much more.

Hubble Bubble – Mondays – Here we showcase all the awesomeness that is space exploration, the universe and everything in between.

Insert Coins – Tuesdays – Is a weekly gallery where we DorkUp on the wonderful world of video games.

Cosplay World Wednesdays – Wednesdays – Were we shocase all the amazingly talented individuals who create incredible Cosplay designs.

Artists’ Alley – Thursdays – Each week we highlight a different independent artist and showcase their incredible work.

Force Fridays – Fridays – This post is dedicated to the marvelousness that is all things STAR WARS (yes, Star Wars gets its own post. It’s just that awesome).

Weekly Trailer Park – Fridays – Here you’ll find a collection of all the Film & Television Trailers that dropped during the previous week.

The Cinema Squad Podcast – Sundays – The Cinema Squad Podcast is a weekly Movie News Podcast brought to you by insiders currently working within the industry. Each week we bring you the latest movie news, covering everything from script to screen. Recently our podcast was #7 on iTunes New & Noteworthly List.


Here at DorkUp we are constantly adding and changing things up when we find something that excites us.  Keep an eye out for our convention recaps, One Line Movie Reviews and on occasion our pretty sweet ass contests/giveaways.  So keep checking in Daily and DorkUp with the rest of us.


The DorkUp Crew:


Lee Perez – Founder & EIC

Lee Perez is a native of South Texas and has been working in the entertainment industry since 2005. He’s worked on all types of entertainment from extremely low budget indie movies and reality TV to award winning scripted shows and huge blockbusters. His credits include “House M.D.”, “Drive”, “Hangover 3” and most recently “Straight out of Compton”. In 2013 he started DorkUp.com as a creative outlet for his love of all things nerdy.

Sean Wathen – Senior Editor

Sean Wathen is a screenwriter from Louisville, Kentucky who moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue a writing career. While working in production offices such as “House, MD,” “24,” & MTV Studios, Sean pursued his love of writing. In 2014, he was named on the Tracking Board’s ‘Young & Hungry List – Top 100 Writers on the Verge.’ In 2015, his screenplay “The Field” was optioned to Dune Entertainment & Stormchaser Films, his script “Riverside” was optioned to Fotocomics Productions, his contained horror/thriller “The Gotham Hotel” was optioned to Artimage Entertainment, and his screenplay “Second Shot” was optioned to Status Media & Entertainment. In 2014, he was hired to adapt graphic novels for State & Cabrillo Productions, Inc. as well as Solipsist Films. Sean’s love for everything nerdy is so big, he can’t contain it all, so he shares his nerdy & dorky love on DorkUp.com



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