Interview With Andrea De La Ossa


Andrea De La Ossa is a cosmetologist, beauty vlogger, and Instagram sensation. She uses her creative skills to turn herself into some beautifully creepy characters.  Andrea is also happy to pass along her make-up knowledge to other enthusiasts via her Youtube page.

Now Andrea has taken the time out of her insanely busy schedule to answer some of our DorkUp Questions. Check out the interview below along with photos of her ingenious creations!


Where are you from?  Growing up, what did you geek out on? What comics, tv shows, movies, characters were you into?
I grew up on the west coast. Washington and California. I was really into books and TV/movies as a kid. Like everybody. Loved the usual 90’s shows. As far as movies it was all about who you knew with a collection so I watched what was available. ‘Evil Dead II,’ ‘Death Becomes Her,’ and ‘The Lost Boys’ were some of my favorites. Still true actually.  I didn’t get into comics till my late teens, and I still haven’t scratched the surface. I started on Fables, and moved on to Sandman, The Walking Dead and so on.


What are you geeking out on now?
Everything, because we live in an age where that’s totally possible. BBC keeps making shows and I keep watching them. I’m also just now getting on the ‘Rick and Morty’ bandwagon and the Pocket Mortys app is a problem. Think Pokemon, catching Mortys. Training them. Yeah. Addictive. Venture Brothers finally came back, brilliant as ever. I’m stoked for ‘American Gods’ as well.

When did you get into Cosplay?  Was there something in particular that motivated you to start bodypainting? 

I’m not even sure what I do can be considered cosplay, what cosplayers do is so much more involved. I think I’m cosplay’s weird cousin. More than anything I’ve loved makeup so the progression felt pretty natural. It’s more about the puzzle for me. How to get something to look like anything else .

How long have you been doing bodypainting?   How long does the average paint job take?
A year and a half. Anywhere between 1-4 hours.

What kinds of materials do you use?  Types of paints? Latex?
Water activated body paint, and proper makeup like eyeshadow and eyeliner and lipstick.

Did you attend school to become a cosmetologist? Or was this something you taught yourself over time? 

Yes, to be a cosmetologist you have to pass a State Board but the course mostly focused on hair and nails. Makeup wasn’t touched on at all, so I had to learn myself.

You have over 30,000 followers on Instagram, how often do you try to post something new?
Haha crazy right? Whenever my ideas come, really. Usually every 3-5 days. Otherwise I start to go crazy. Start? Yeah I know haha

Do you regularly attend Comic Con or any other conventions?  If so, do you go in a full paint job?
TO WORK A CON WOULD BE A DREAM. No one has asked me otherwise I would. I’ve never left the house made up, haha I know I’m lame. Five (5) years in a row I tried to get SDCC [San Diego Comic-Con] tickets . No go. Maybe next year.

How do you choose what characters to create next?  Where do you draw your inspiration from for each character? 

It literally hits me out of nowhere. My last one was a cracked phone screen so, there ya go. My paints are sways rooted in my interests. My feed, is me in all the ways. Books, tv, nature. Basically I wait till I get an idea that makes me nervously excited to begin. That’s how I choose.

Is there a certain character that has become your favorite to transform into?

I love anything with depth. Something that’s going to take me to unrecognizable. So, zombies leap to mind. But anything horror basically. I love monsters.

Who is the most difficult character you’ve transformed into?  Why?  And who is the easiest?  And Why? 

Believe it or not, the book I did was the hardest to get out of my brain the way I saw it. To date, it’s the only paint I’ve done that didn’t work the first time, so I did it again the next day and succeeded. Usually if it doesn’t work I move on to the next idea.
The easiest would be anything with torn flesh, I can expose teeth in my sleep now haha


How has your life changed since the popularity of your Instagram and Facebook pages are on the rise?
Hasn’t really at all. I’m just slightly more aware of the amount of eyes on me. My Facebook page reeeeeeally likes to focus on analytics to freak me out. I’m just not like that. I’ve probably only mentioned my follower count a handful of times on social media. The people following me don’t care who’s following me.
Although, Chris Hardwick the nerd king himself, said he saw me on Reddit and complimented my Walking Dead Zombie. He was probably just being nice, but it’s stuff like that you hope to never forget.

Can you give us some clues as to who you might be transforming into next?

I don’t know yet, I’ve got some ideas but none of them have that gut feeling to them yet. I’m thinking some ‘Pans Labyrinth,’ maybe some illusions. I’m usually not 100% sure till I sit down at my mirror.

You’ve been very generous with your time! Thank you for this interview, and we look forward to seeing your next creations!

Be sure to check out Andrew De La Ossa’s websites to follow her incredible creations:






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