Cosplay Crush of the Week: Meagan Marie

Meagan Marie_1
Photo by: Erik Bloom Photography

Ok, so here is new one we are doing at DorkUp. Welcome to the first Cosplay Crush of the Week. Every week we will highlight one of our favorite Cosplayers (male or female) that we’ve come across during our adventures in the Convention world or on the interwebs.

So with out further ado our first Cosplay Crush and a personal favorite of mine is Meagan Marie. I’ve been following her work for sometime now and I’m blown away with each new cosplay she comes out with. Her attention to detail really brings these characters to life. Check out some of my favorites below.


Photo by: Martin Wong


Photo by: BGZ Studios


Photo by: LJinto

Meagan Marie 10

Meagan Marie_3
Photo by: Martin Wong
Meagan Marie_4
Photo by: Antony Gomes


Meagan Marie_5
Photo by: Antony Gomes

Meagan Marie_6


Meagan Marie_7


Meagan Marie_8
Photo by: Joseph Chi Lin


Meagan Marie_9
Photo by: Martin Wong


Megan Marie_2
Photo by: Erik Blume

What do you think of Meagan Marie’s cosplay work? Let us know in the comments.

Check out more of Meagan’s work on her website, Facebook page and Instagram

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