First official look at ‘Suicide Squad’

SS Title

Earlier this weekend during San Diego Comic Con a crappy bootleg trailer of “Suicide Squad” was leaked online. Now we have our first look at the “Suicide Squad” trailer in all it’s HD glory.

I’m pretty damn excited of this one. David Ayer has put a lot into this one and I really like what I’m seeing.  Did you get a good look at Harley and Joker?? Maybe it’s my huge crush on Margot Robbie but Damn She makes a good looking Harley Quinn. As for Leto’s Joker, he’s looking all creepy and intimidating in all the right ways; He has some really big shoes to fill but I’m really curious to see what else he brings to the film. What did you all think of the trailer? Are you as excited about this as I am? Hit me up in the comments.

Here’s a closer look at Harley because I can’t get enough of her. 😉



And of Course a better look at Jared Leto’s Joker.


Damn he’s creepy looking.



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